Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise agreed to in advance and in writing, the following Terms & Conditions apply.  Total charges incurred are billed to the client’s credit card unless invoice arrangements have been made and approved in advance or there is an existing corporate billing account.  First Choice Limo accepts VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. Checks or cash may also be accepted subject to an authorized credit card guarantee and identity validation for security purposes.  Checks may be required to be received in advance in order to clear prior to date(s) services are rendered.  New and one-time clients will be required to present their card for imprinting.  Additional ID verification may also be necessary.

Airport Transfers

First Choice Limo provides a flat rate for most domestic commercial airport pickups and drop-offs to or from Lynden Pindling International Airport.  The commercial airport transfer rate is based upon a pickup and drop-off without any associated delay or waiting time exceeding thirty (30) minutes. Your vehicle is dispatched according to the flight’s estimated time of arrival as provided to First Choice Limo by each respective airline’s automated system (First Choice Limo is not responsible for delays caused by the airline’s automated system or otherwise). Billing shall revert to the prevailing hourly rate in the event the client is delayed, or the waiting time is exceeded, beyond the allotted thirty (30) minutes.  Rates and terms may be different for private FBO’s.

Point to Point Transfers

First Choice Limo may provide point-to-point transfer rates for local pickups and drop offs within the Nassau, Bahamas service area.  Wait time beyond ten (10) minute “grace” period as well as for extra stops or indirect routing are charged additional, or charges may revert to the prevailing hourly rate. Transfer rates are a function of time, distance and zone locations.

Hourly Service

First Choice Limo provides an hourly rate for all other service based on a one (1) hour or more minimum charge.  Hourly or “As Directed” services allow for multiple stops and wait time as directed by the client.  Vehicle will stay with the client or at their stop locations (as parking availability allows) for the entire rental time.  Travel time may be charged and is made a part of the respective hourly minimums.

Cancellations & Changes

First Choice Limo understands that cancellations are sometimes necessary and unavoidable. Unless otherwise agreed to or provided in writing, the following applies:

For local service, we generally accept cancellations on Van, Sedan & SUV airport transfers without a charge twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled pick-up time.

Premium and specialty vehicles require no less than a forty-eight hours cancellation notice.

Motor coaches require no less than 2-week cancellation notice and up to 30 days’ notice.

International cancellations require a minimum 48 hours’ notice or as noted in your confirmation.

Cancellation notices may vary due to local conditions (i.e. weather), event, vehicle type and market area.

Time changes made with less than 6 hours’ notice may still result in additional and possibly full charges. 

Special Events & Peak Demand Rental Times

Special events and peak demand period may dictate premium pricing, higher hourly minimums and in some cases multi-day minimums, additional notice for changes and cancellations.  Vehicles are generally in more limited supply for the higher demand and often supplemental vehicles are required to accommodate this demand.

No Shows

If you do not see your chauffeur, please call our office immediately at 1 (917) 338-2321 or 1 (242) 801-5466 to avoid the full-charge “no-show” fee.  We generally recommended 15% chauffeur gratuity in the minimum no-show fee for your convenience, however gratuity amount is always 100% at your discretion.  You may increase, decrease or have the tip removed entirely.  Please advise on the gratuity you wish to pay, if any.

For Point-to-Point & Airport Service, a fee equal to the base fare, wait time, and recommended chauffeur gratuity (gratuity amount at your discretion), will be charged when the client does not show at the pre-arranged pick-up location.

For Hourly Service, a fee equal to 1 hour of service, and recommended gratuity (gratuity amount at your discretion) will be charged when the client does not show at the pre-arranged pick-up location.

Again, to avoid no show charges, please call our office at 1 (917) 338-2321 or 1 (242) 801-5466.  The dispatcher will immediately direct your chauffeur to you.

E-Mail Communication

Generally, we accept new reservations, changes and cancellations by e-mail (reservations@fchoicelimo.com) with adequate notice.  Although we do operate 24/7/365, it is recommended that you verbally confirm any request sent after normal business hours and on major holidays.  If your needs require attention in less than eight hours, please call our office at 1 (917) 338-2321 or 1 (242) 801-5466.

Many clients may be dealing directly with one of our staff members and e-mailing them individually.  Staff members only have access to their e-mail during their regular office schedule.  Although during normal weekday business hours, we can reasonably monitor “out of office” staff e-mail, we are not able to monitor everyone’s individual e-mail around the clock.  So, for shorter notice requests, always send those requests to info@fchoicelimo.com, not individual e-mail addresses.  If that individual staff member is not in the office, your request may not be handled promptly.  If you get an “Out of Office” message sent from an individual staff e-mail address, please contact our office by phone 1 (917) 338-2321 or 1 (242) 801-5466 or e-mail info@fchoicelimo.com right away for your request to be processed.

We cannot guarantee cancellations, changes or new reservations unless sent to info@fchoicelimo.com with adequate notice.

You should always get an e-mail confirmation of a new reservation, any changed reservation or cancelled reservation.  If you do not receive such e-mail confirmation, please contact us right away.

Chauffeur Tip Policy

It is customary to pay a tip to the chauffeur for services rendered.  As a convenience to our clients, a recommended 20% tip that is paid 100% to the chauffeur is added to your charges, unless your corporate agreement states differently.  Chauffeur tip is always completely at your discretion and subject to your satisfaction with the chauffeur’s service.  You may increase, decrease or eliminate the tip entirely.  Please let us know if you choose to pay tip in a different manner.  If you are approving an additional tip being added to the bill, please confirm via signature and/or promptly via e-mail to info@fchoicelimo.com referencing your reservation number, or just give us a call to adjust billing.  Chauffeurs understand that all tips must be earned by providing outstanding service to our clients and their guests, and that the actual amount received is always up to the client.

Arrival Time

First Choice Limo and its chauffeurs always prepare in advance to avoid unnecessary delays in arrival time.  However, road, traffic and weather conditions are often beyond the reasonable control of the company and the chauffeur.  No refunds can be given as a result of late arrivals due to such conditions or other occurrences out of the reasonable control of the company or chauffeur.

Baggage and Other Property Transported

First Choice Limo cannot not assume responsibility for the handling or maintenance of any baggage or other property, nor for any property left in the company’s vehicles.  We will do everything possible to secure and retrieve any belongings left in the vehicle.  Please always check thoroughly prior to leaving the vehicle for all your personal belongings.

Passenger Conduct

First Choice Limo reserves the right to refuse to transport persons under the influence of or in possession of illegal drugs, as well as those excessively intoxicated, in the possession of firearms or dangerous substances of any kind, or who are, or are likely to become objectionable to other persons or if the chauffeur feels threatened in any way.  Under no circumstances are minors allowed to consume or possess alcohol or illegal substances while in a company vehicle.  Client shall not interfere with the chauffeur in the discharge of his/her duty or tamper with any apparatus or appliance on the vehicle.  In such instances, services will be terminated immediately, and no refunds will be offered.

Excess Cleaning & Damage

If, during or after the transportation service, the company is required to expend an extended amount of time and material to clean the vehicle due to acts of the client or any passenger (i.e., spilling food & drinks, vomiting, prohibited smoking, excessive trash), the company, at its discretion, will charge client additional fees to cover such expense.  Damage to the vehicle in any way caused by actions of the client or any passenger will be charged in full to the client.

Smoking Strictly Prohibited

Smoking in all vehicles is strictly prohibited.  Smoking in the vehicle by the client or any passenger will result in an automatic minimum $250 charge.  Damage caused by smoking activity will also be charged to the client.


Wait Time (Airport & Point-to-Point Transfers)

For airport arrivals, First Choice Limo offers a 30-minute extension from the updated arrival time.  Thereafter, allow you enough time to clear Bahamas Customs and Immigration wait time will be charged hourly for each additional 15-minute period.

For all other transfers, a 15-minute grace period will be granted, thereafter, wait time will be charged at each additional 15-minute period. Wait time past 30 minutes will revert the trip to hourly minimum pricing.

Stops (Airport & Point-to-Point Transfers)

Extra stops, including extra airline stops are charged at hourly minimum stop and include a maximum 25-minute wait period at the stop.  Additional wait time is charged at the prevailing hourly rate in quarter hour increments.

Other Charges

Other charges include reimbursement for bridge toll (Paradise Island), airport parking, and client requested incidentals and amenities.

Staff Accommodations

On occasions that require overnight travel for chauffeurs, onsite coordinators or other client-dedicated staff, lodging and meals should be arranged and provided for by the client.  A per diem may be applied in addition to lodging expense.

Rates, charges and terms are subject to change without notice