The Significance of Taxi & Limo Service vs. Uber

The Significance of Taxi & Limo Service vs. Uber

Nowadays Uber is considered as a popular way to get around the Bahamas. The Uber-like services are easy to use through apps that you can access through your phone. An Uber driver is bound to be up-close to you to pick up quickly and get you where you want to in the Paradise Island or the Bahamas.

In short and simple words, Uber seems to be a company of the future, but they have been coming under scrutiny currently. Therefore, when it comes to convenient transportation, the Bahamas taxi service can be a more practical choice. If you are not convinced, here are a few reasons why taxi service in Paradise Island should be ideal than Uber-like services:

Style of transportation

The Uber-like services may be the option get where you need to go. They are cheap and rightly so. When you hire a ride from Uber, you don’t expect a nice car, make a statement, and think about your ride after you’ve stepped out of the car.

When you rely on the Bahamas taxi service, you are paying for great style with a great experience. They have an extensive selection of luxury cars and limos to choose from. A professional staff combined with sleek, elegant cars is bound to make a great impression while stepping out.

Support a fair share of business

Uber has been under scrutiny for misclassifying their drivers as contractors instead of employees. Uber doesn’t offer an assured minimum wage, health insurance, worker’s compensation, or overtime pay. In fact, an independent contractor working for Uber is responsible for the payment of employer’s share of payroll taxes.

When it comes to professional limo and taxi service in Paradise Island, the companies hire staffs and chauffeurs making sure that they receive all the employee benefits.


The Uber drivers are considered to be highly unprofessional. The lack of professionalism is greatly unacceptable. A company that has a huge number of drivers with very little accountability measures can’t have control over professionalism of all drivers at all the time.

While most Uber drivers seem nice and responsible, if you drive with Uber more often, you’re bound to come across someone who doesn’t feel any importance to uphold the standard of professionalism. Practically, every person that uses Uber-like services has a story of a driver who made them feel uncomfortable in some ways.

The chauffeurs are often well-trained as compared to Uber drivers. The Uber driver can be convenient, but a professional chauffeur will have the class, experience, and professionalism that ensure you enjoy the limousine ride. Many customers of Uber have commented that drivers are rude and sometimes don’t even know how to get to a specific location. But this is rarely the case, when using the Bahamas taxi service.

Final thought

At First Choice Limo & Taxi Dispatch, you can rest assured that you will be provided with professional and respectful driver. Our taxi service in Paradise Island doesn’t just get you from a destination to another, but provide an experience of luxury and comfort.  

Therefore, a ride with luxury limo and taxi service is a great way to travel than Uber-like services. Get ready to be taken care of a chauffeur you can rely on, while booking ground transportation through First Choice Limo & Taxi Dispatch.