Explore The Paradise Island In A Hassle Free Manner With Our Paradise Island Taxi Service

Explore The Paradise Island In A Hassle Free Manner With Our Paradise Island Taxi Service

Traveling to the Bahamas in near future with friends or family? Then do plan a visit to the mesmerizing Paradise Island close to Nassau which is the main tourist destination of the Bahamas. You will get the unique sight of the Paradise Island long before crossing the bridge from Nassau. It is a small island with a width of 2 miles and length of 5 miles that is connected by two bridges with Nassau.


The Paradise Island was mostly undeveloped and known as Hog Island until 1962. The name was changed by Huntington Harford, A&P heir when he built the first resort complex of the island. And many multimillion dollar houses and resorts were built since then. But the first remarkable development took place when Axel Wenner Gren, one of the richest millionaires of that time bought the island in the year 1935. He dug out the old pond and channels to link the lake with the harbor and the open sea. He also revamped the spacious estate by taking inspiration from the imaginary land in the novel “Lost Horizon” written by James Hilton and named his refuge as Shangri-La.


The main attraction of the Paradise Island is the Atlantis, the largest man-made marine habitat that comprises of 11 lagoons and a series of aquariums and is themed around the lost continent and its recreated ruins. You can encounter with all kinds of sharks, manta rays and immeasurable forms of exotic sea life face to face in the aquarium. Isn’t that a great experience! Besides Atlantis there are many other attractions on the island such as the Versailles Gardens where you can find fountains and statues of luminaries and legends like Napoleon and Josephine, Franklin Roosevelt and so on. Another main attraction of the island is the Cabbage Beach, the prettiest beach with a stretch of white sand along the north side. And there is lot more that this spectacular island has to offer.


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